Backcountry Guide


About This Program

The Backcountry Guide Certificate consists of a mix of courses from Outdoor Leadership, Wilderness and Park Management, Physical Education, Biology, and Health Courses. As a graduate, you will have the foundational skills and technical knowledge for guiding trips and recreational excursions in backcountry and wilderness settings.

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Degrees & Credits

Certificate (16 credits)


Program Features

Boost your resume for backcountry travel and navigation

The Backcountry Guide Certificate also aligns with the following degree programs:

  • Wilderness EMS
  • Outdoor Leadership
  • Outdoor Recreation Therapy
  • Wilderness and Park Management
Career Opportunities

The Backcountry Guide Certificate is ideal for people interested in careers such as Wilderness Guide, Fishing/Hunting Guide, Outdoor Instructor, Park Naturalist, Interpreter, Outfitter, Horse Pack Leader, and Trip Leader.


Mark Carlson

Outdoor Leadership Instructor

Additional Information


The Backcountry Guide certificate is designed to complement other degree programs and add additional skills to your resume. While individual classes may transfer, the certificate is not designed for transfer.